Guess Cassandra’s still trying to censor the internet, isn’t she?

First us, now the Draco Trilogy blog publishing all of your plagiarized fanfiction?

So, if you’re the owner of the Draco Trilogy blog, could you please shoot an ask our way so we could talk privately?

We’ll keep the chats between us and private.

Thank you.

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Regarding Cassandra Claire (or Clare, whatever she uses)


When I first heard that she wrote an über long post on cyberbullying (after all October is Anti-Bullying month), I went and read it. 

Several things that came from it-

1) Apparently she forgot she did the worst of the cyberbullying in her days of the Harry Potter fandom- stalking her critics. If you don’t believe me, go to her Wikipedia page regarding her plagiarism, her (former) friend, Heidi the lawyer, comes at her defense and gets Wiki to delete any mentions of plagiarism (that’s why her entry is locked from changes). Another incident of her friend Heidi coming in is the writer’s university message board. Every SINGLE time CC is criticized for plagiarism, she got her lawyer friend to threaten people into deleting any mention of CC and plagiarism.

2) Not only that, she had a LiveJournal (epicyclical) and she used to get people who used to bother her, she would find out the user’s IP number and got a phone number from the ISP the person was using and would call these people to tell them to knock it off. I’ve known at least two people who got this- 1) This one she bragged about in the HPFGU chatroom, she called the parents of a 13-year-old girl to tell her to stop posting on her livejournal. (This I’m not sure if it’s true or not, she really asserted that she CAN do that to ANYONE that bothered her) 2) When I was kicked out, my friends in the fandom and outside the fandom defended my character, one of my friends who lived on the Cape got a call from the police (THE POLICE) about her posting on Cassie’s LJ. She was shit-scared afterwards and stopped posting (and she didn’t even remotely threaten CC), fortunately the policeman sided with my friend because he felt CC was wasting his time.

3) This will be in two parts- somewhat of a story about how I got kicked out of the HP Fandom. I feel better about telling the truth about it, unlike CC. Here’s a little timeline-

October 2001- my boyfriend (now my husband) asked me a series of strange questions about a user, and a friend of mine, called John W. What his favourite restaurant was, what color he likes, etc. I’m not sure about the rest of the questions but I immediately told him what John’s favourite restaurant was (a dim-sum restaurant in NYC) and then afterwards, asked him why he asked all these questions about John. He admitted that he got into John’s Yahoo! Profile to look at the moderator message boards, I told him to give it back immediately and we didn’t talk about it for a while. 

February 2002- the guilt was getting to me, I told my boyfriend that I wanted him to write an anonymous apology letter to one of the mods (Neil W.) and I helped him write it as Mafalda Hopkirk. I sent it to Neil without hiding my IP number (I didn’t know how the process worked) and he figured it out quickly that it was me through my IP number but didn’t tell the rest and told me to leave fandom quietly. 

I got an IM from a male (another HP mod whose name escapes me), whose wife was Stacey, and we talked about the fandom, but never about the hacking. Then EVERYONE in the HP fandom stopped talking to me (I IMed AngieJ, siriusgeologist, Alicia/Sue (Boots527 in IM) and NO one talked to me until one of the Teenage Witches told me what was going on and that she had messages from Cassie and Simon. Both messages were very upsetting.

My IRL friends and my HP-fandom friends, who still sided with me, defended me on Livejournal and the HP messageboards. Cassie basically said to one, “Tell her that her parents should have aborted her.” I snuck into chat as Vivienne Stellaluna to see what they’re talking about and they completely PILED on me once they figured that the silent lurker was me. It was the worst kind of internet bullying I’ve experienced until….

4) I was doing fine (I finally left the fandom because *&(@ them), working on my university coursework and planning my course trip to Oxford. Then I got a call from my university police department at the end of April 2002 and a week before my exams (2 months after I got kicked out and nary a peep from those people between the first week of February-end of April). I went in and he said have you heard about HP4GU? I said yes, and started to tear up, is this about the hacking because I didn’t do it. and He said yes. I was sobbing uncontrollably and had to be walked home because I didn’t think THEY would stoop this low, trying to get me kicked out of my university and they planned on doing it around the time of my exams just to shake me.

I immediately got the best tech lawyer in Boston and saw all the documents the HP4GU people sent to BU- AngieJ/Cassandra Claire/the male mod sending them chat transcripts of me admitting to the hacking and I honestly said that I had talked to AngieJ and the Male Mod as recently as February but I’ve never admitted to hacking (several of my friends said that it wasn’t my ordinary chat behavior, including my mom) and frankly, I hadn’t talked to Cassie in PM for several months prior to February.

I brought ALL my documents- Cassie’s Livejournal entries condemning me (her behavior towards me, at the time, was atrocious and uncalled for) and other documentation, etc. And, ironically, it was these exact documents which completely cleared me of hacking because she basically wrote her intent in the comments section to get me kicked out of university as payback. 

After I got cleared, I walked with my mom and my lawyer and stopped outside Pizzeria Uno in Kenmore Square. He said, “Before I go, you have a real case to sue this Claire person and HPFGU for harrassment.” I said, “I just want to be done with that.” I wanted to get on with my life, go to Oxford University, think about my degree, and think about where I wanted to go after university (my boyfriend and I were talking about moving in together once I finished and we talked about the pros and cons of living in the US versus the UK).


Fast-forward to 2012, living in the UK for over six years, and as I like fantasy/sci-fi books I often see CC’s books about. I just want to pull my hair out every single goddamn time I see her books, that’s how much HP4GU and her bullying has affected me.

I don’t like internet bullying but I did follow NastyClare/TheClareWitchProject until their existence ceased to be. I read ONTD posts about Cassie all the time (because I’m interested in how her books are doing, how much media attention the movie is making). Also, the riveting “Cassandra Claire Plagiarism Debacle” posts and FandomWank posts. ALL of those blogs were ON point about CC’s behavior in the early days of the HP fandom. Everyone in the HP fandom in 2000-2002 knew what her real name was and what she looked like, including me and my husband, it was a MAJOR OPEN SECRET in the HP Fandom. Even back then, she complained of people trying to find out who she is even though she gave out what she did (entertainment reporter for Hollywood Life, her name, multiple photos of herself, where she lived in CA, where she moved to in NYC). For someone who claims she’s secretive about herself, she was pretty freer about who she was in the chatrooms/message boards.

To end a long post, simply put, she has amnesia about her OWN bullying in the HP fandom. She’s a hypocrite, a plagiarist and, above all, a major, early, cyberbully. Her woe-is-me post rings hollow for people like me, people she bullied. Her friends that now side with her weren’t her HPFGU/HP fandom friends because if she left that fandom, it’s probably EVERYONE in that fandom hate her because of her appalling behavior at the time. She hasn’t come to terms about how she became famous and what she did to go down the path of being famous. She can go %(&* herself and if her parents knew what she did in the past, they’d be deeply ashamed of her.

All of that said, I know where I’d stick her “cyberbully” post.


Smile, because you can.: *Sigh*

Seriously you’re defending her? I was part of the Harry Potter Fandom from 2000-2002 and Cassandra Claire (with the i mind you) was the biggest cyber bully I’ve ever encountered. I’ve seen other people who were *trying* to be cyber bullies but they were not as BAD as Cassandra Claire was.

1) She got Gryffindor Tower to close down as she accused one of the mods of stalking her. It was questionable how she got around to the closure as she did…

2) Stalking on Livejournal herself. She used to glean IP numbers of people to get their addresses and phone numbers. She called a young girl’s parents to tell her to knock off bothering her on Livejournal. When I was kicked out of the HP fandom (for hacking, which I later proved I didn’t do), many of my friends defended me and she did the same to one of my friends by calling the cops on her (and scared the shit out of her). She also told me she had my mom and dad’s phone number and threatened to call my parents to tell them what I did (I already told my parents and they believed me). In one of her LJ entries, she basically tells me that my parents should have gotten an abortion with me.

3) Getting kicked off wasn’t enough to stop her plagiarism, she continued her plagiarist ways at Until 2006, that is. ALL of her fanfic was taken down as soon as she became pro.

4) I have a whole bunch of documents, given to me by my university (she was part of a group that tried to get me kicked out of my university because I “hacked”). One of the documents that cleared me of hacking was a comment post she made on her LJ entry announcing that she’s going to try to get me kicked out of university, which basically blew apart their own case (along with the faked Yahoo/AOL instant messenger transcripts, one of them hers).

Her “woe-is-me” post is pretty much shitting on her bullying victims in the past. I can’t walk past her books without feeling enraged, how did a plagiarist, teen-hating person even get published? My husband refuses to talk about her, saying, “Don’t mention that bitch to me.”

Frankly, I think she stepped in it big time with that poor attempt of sympathy.

I still feel the mental scars of the Harry Potter fandom at the time, that was intense and she was the BIG problem of the HP Fandom of the time, due to her bullying and BNF status.


What I really can’t stand about this whole thing on bullying dealing with Cassandra Clare is that people are insulting her and putting her down when they were’t directly involved with it all? They’re reading things from what other people have experienced with her and believing it, and then…

Hello, everyone.

I used to be known as “Gossip Girl” on nastyclare and clarewitchproject, and after Cassie had us deleted for copyright infringement, I was considering not starting up another blog. I thought, you know, whatever. People will always be people. Let her do what she wants. It’s over.

But then she made a post about us.

I’m just making this post to address Cassie’s post, which she implies is solely about us, though she doesn’t mention us by name. She says,

When someone first told me there was a tumblr hate blog about me I didn’t think much of it.

By her saying a hate blog, in singular form, one would assume everything she talks about in the post is us. We’re the most popular “hate blog” on this site, as far as I can see,

First of all, Cassie claims we talked about her appearance. I’d just like to say that we never have, and specifically requested people don’t, because it’s tacky and rude.

Cassie has given everyone the impression that our blog was deleted because we’re cyber bullies, and we were anti-Semitic and sexist and bashed her for her appearance, and posted her personal information.

This is partially a message to her and a message to anyone who read her post and believes everything she said was us, or that the things that were about us were entirely true.

To quote Cassie’s post,

The first was posting my legal name along with a method of finding my address.

We only ever posted your real name once, after somebody submitted it to us from an already public page.

Someone asked for your real name, and I replied saying I was pretty sure Cassandra Clare was your actual name, and they said I was wrong, and sent us the link to this:

Someone else messaged us confirming that’s your real name because they saw it on your blog before, and on wikipedia and multiple other places and that it was already public knowledge.

That was all we made of it.

We never posted a method to finding your address. We don’t even know a method to finding your address, and if we did we would refrain from doing anything with it because that’s just creepy and to be quite honest we don’t care that much.

"The second was the sentence “Cassandra Clare acts like she can say anything because she’s Jewish”"

You’re trying to paint us as anti-Semitic, but one of us is Jewish, and neither of us knew you were Jewish - until someone submitted an offensive Jewish joke to us from one of your books. We remarked on how we think it’s offensive, then someone else messaged us saying it’s okay for you to make that joke, because you yourself are Jewish.

Then another person messaged us, and to paraphrase them, said “it’s not okay for Cassie to make jokes about Jewish people just because she’s Jewish.” I’m assuming that’s where you got that sentence from, but you took it out of context.

(Once this post is up, the hate bloggers will say that I am upset because they think my books are bad. Believe me, I would be thrilled if it was a blog about how my books are bad…I don’t mind being called racist/sexist, either: I am sure that I am, in the sense that we are all products of our conditioning, and we are conditioned by a racist/sexist society that works on us from the day we’re born. I try to be aware, and fight that conditioning, to remember my privilege, to tell fair and truthful stories but that doesn’t mean I’m not a work in progress myself, that I’m not going to screw up.)

Are you sure, Cassie? Because you had our posts and eventually our entire blog deleted because we were talking about how your books were bad.

The tumblr guidelines say, "Don’t actively promote violence or extreme hatred against individuals or groups, on the basis of race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation. While we firmly believe that the best response to hateful speech is not censorship but more speech, we will take down malicious bigotry, as defined here."

And also,

"Privacy Violations. Don’t use Tumblr to deceptively obtain personal information. Don’t post content that violates anyone’s privacy, including personally identifying or confidential information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, unlisted contact information, or private photos of your ex’s junk (no matter how attractive).”

But if we were so anti-Semitic and sexist,  if we actually posted your address and personal info, why were we reported solely for copyright infringement?

This was the message from tumblr we received when they took down one of our posts after you reported it for copyright infringement. The post contained a short passage from City of Bones, where Clary is slut shaming a girl in her class for wearing a thong. We were talking about how sexist it was, which you claim you don’t mind being called.

This was another message from tumblr telling us you reported us for copyright infringement, when we were talking about a rape joke Jace makes in City of Ashes, and how insensitive it is.

This was a time you reported me for copyright violation when I answered an ask with evidence of your fanfiction plagiarism, I don’t understand how you did that, considering you have no copyright claim on Harry Potter or any of the Buffy quotes you stole, but whatever.

So if you don’t mind people talking badly about your books, if you don’t mind being called sexist, then why did you have us reported for copyright infringement? You allow people to write fanfiction, you allow your fans to use quotes and passages on their blogs. We properly cited your work.

If we were so anti-Semitic and posted your personal information, why were we not reported for that, then? Why weren’t we deleted for that? As I’ve shown from the tumblr guidelines, we easily could have been, if we had said anything that qualified as it.

And maybe fans are reading this and thinking, oh, but you probably were reported for that, but just aren’t showing it.

Except, look at this message.

"you previously held an account that was terminated for repeat copyright infringement (with no counter-notifications),"

theclarewitchproject was deleted solely because they found out we were nastyclare. nastyclare was deleted solely for copyright infringement. If it was for harassment or racism or anything, tumblr support would specify that in the message. But they only say copyright infringement, which Cassandra Clare herself reported to them as the copyright holder, on posts where we were talking badly about her books, which Cassie claims she’d be “thrilled about.”

It’s understandable if you don’t want people talking badly about your books and calling you sexist and saying you perpetuate rape culture.

But don’t have us deleted for doing that, then turn around and tell your fans it was because we were posting personal information and making anti-Semitic remarks.

Also, the entire bullying post seems to be solely about us, from the wording “hate bloggers” and how we’re directly quoted.

Yet here you’re talking about someone else entirely.

The Cafepress store where they sell merchandise based on their hate (yes, really) suggests you should buy their merchandise to “save your friends from rape.” Leaving aside the unbelievably tasteless attempt to literally capitalize on rape, the implication would seem to be — that I am a rapist?

At first we had no idea what the hell you were talking about here, because we’ve never done anything of the sort. We don’t even think we’re old enough to run a cafepress store, as we’re only 17, and neither of us has the time or money to do that, nor would we want to.

We looked into it and we found the store in question. It was Kayla/dontfallinthesarchasm’s store, where she apparently sold a magnet that said “friends don’t let friends read Cassandra Clare.” Below it, it saidSave your friends from rape, incest, sexual abuse and generally poor writing by warning the world with this Sarchasm shirt.”

While I don’t agree with the message, she means save your friends from having to read about rape and incest and sexual abuse, as it’s in your books.

I just think it’s a bit rich that you’re accusing her of capitalizing on rape for putting that there, when you literally use rape as a plot device in every single one of your books, which is why she said what she did in the first place. But I won’t get into that right now.

As for Kayla, we’ve seen in the tags that people have been talking about her blog and saying that it’s us. It’s not. We’re not dontfallinthesarchasm, and we weren’t responsible for her casssandraclare blog that parodied Cassie’s either.

She was a part of nastyclare for about a week in the spring after TMI fans were sending her death threats because she questioned Cassie on all the incest in her books, but left and started her own blog after that. She was never a part of theclarewitchproject.

Just for the record, there are two of us, and we go by GG and L. Another friend, known as Stansfield, sometimes helps.

We’ve had no other blogs on any website besides theclarewitchproject and nastyclare, and we’ve had no online shops or youtube videos or fake accounts in which we sent hate to Cassie, or sent fake fan mail.  If anyone is doing anything against Cassie currently, it isn’t us. If anyone did anything in the past and it wasn’t on nastyclare or theclarewitchproject and wasn’t signed as Gossip Girl or L, it wasn’t us.

We’ve never messaged her at all, on this blog or on any other blog, anonymously or not. We’ve never contacted her.

But back to Cassie’s post.

I get a huge amount of email from young girls and women, who make up the bulk of my readership, who are the target of a very specific kind of online cyberbullying. It is a bullying that crops up in the form of girls receiving messages, usually anonymous or pseudonymous, that tell them that they are ugly, that they are fat, that they are stupid, and that the things they like are stupid, that they are sluts, and that they should hurt or kill themselves.  And the hate bloggers use a lot of the hateful gendered attack language that I see so often terrorizing my readers, and I worried that my readers would see me not reacting to it, or seeming to not care, and think that there was something wrong with them for caring, for being hurt — that the fact that this language gets under their skin makes them, as the hate bloggers call me, “whiny little bitches.”

We hate cyber bullies too, as ironic as you all may find this. We’ve been cyber bullied. I personally have been cyber bullied since I was 9, before “cyber bullying” was an actual term.

Part of the motivation of this blog was because we know for a fact that you were a cyber bully in the Harry Potter fandom. You say that we’re making this up - but why would we? Do you think we got out of bed one morning and said “you know what I should do today? Make up a bunch of stories about Cassandra Clare and get the rest of the internet in on it?”

We aren’t the only people on the internet who talk about the things you’ve done. Many livejournal communities still talk about it all the time. Most people on that site still remember. Fanlore and fanhistory have documented a lot of it.

You may not even see that you were a cyber bully. But I personally know people who you have cyber bullied, and I’ve witnessed it, and have seen posts from you on fictionalley and livejournal bashing Tom Felton, bashing his fans, bashing Bonnie Wright, and posted screencaps of these posts on the old blog.

You made fun of people whose fanfiction wasn’t as popular as yours, which we’ve screencapped and posted. You turned on your friend Aja because you thought she was copying you, and let your followers gang up on her and run her out of the fandom. You tried to get your other friend kicked out of college. All of this was on public accounts where you, presumably, had thousands of fans reading it all.

You talk about gendered language like “bitch”, but I recall Clary calling Isabelle a bitch in your books multiple times, and hating her for being beautiful, and Isabelle hating Clary for being beautiful. It’s the kind of girl on girl hate you accuse us of.

But we’ve never called you a whiny little bitch.

And I used to go on your livejournal, and a lot of your former-fans and former-friends have as well, and we’ve found a lot of instances where you used the word slut. In regular posts, in fanfiction, to other people. I’ve posted screencaps on occasion, not as an attack on you, but to protest against slut shaming in general.

I particularly recall a fanfic of yours where Ginny was dating everyone in school, and Draco called her a skank and a slut, and was afraid she was going to sleep with Ron because she couldn’t control herself. You wrote it like it was supposed to be funny, and not like it was something horrible.

I just want you to know — and I say this, knowing how thrilled it will make the hate bloggers to hear this, but I am saying it anyway because you need to know it — of course, this stuff hurts me too.

We’re not thrilled to know words hurt you, or anyone.

the hate bloggers’s example of proof that I am ungrateful regarding my fans and readers is that they have a video of me getting on a stage for an event holding a drink, and drinking from it while I was being introduced. That’s true! I did do that! I was on tour, and had been traveling all day: I had not eaten, and I had a wracking cough in the car on the way over. I was a little dizzy, and this — the few moments while I was being introduced — was my only chance to 1) consume anything and 2) hopefully be able to stop coughing before I had to talk for several hours.

I know the video you’re talking about, but we’ve never posted it or even mentioned it. You keep attributing everything people have ever said and done to you to us, knowing that people will assume it’s about us, because we’re the only “haters” your fans on this site know about.

I see that video posted in the comments of ONTD articles about you, but the problem most people have a problem with isn’t the fact that you’re eating or drinking, it’s the fact that you’re laughing and whispering with Holly Black when the woman is speaking, which is rude. Tony Stark wasn’t eating a burger when someone else was talking. He was eating a burger when he was talking.

But that’s a matter separate from us, because we’ve never made mention of that video.

And I have to wonder, Cassie, why you chose yesterday to make this post, and the day before to go on hiatus. Our blog was deleted two weeks ago. If we’re terrible cyber bullies, why would you make a post about us after we’re gone?

You might be wondering if we’re going to keep this blog up and continue where we left off before. We don’t know yet. Before you had our blog deleted, we were hardly active. We barely have time for it and don’t generally feel like it.

But I just felt the need to set the record straight, for everyone who believes we’re anti-Semitic stalkers who sell hate merch and fake fan mail and all of these other things.

Make of this what you will.